January 15, 2022

Getting Ready for Snow

Snow is forecast for tomorrow and most folks are getting ready. The last snowstorm left a lot of people stranded in their cars when I-95 got blocked in blizzard conditions. Also, electric lines went down in some areas, leaving people with power for several days.

It wasn't that bad in my county. I had left a message the day before for a man who clears driveways and he showed up with a snowblower and a very young helper. I think she was his granddaughter.

I've been grocery shopping; that is, I went into a small store for some items and also placed an online order with a large supermarket and picked it up in my car. I am avoiding crowds in hopes of avoiding Covid.
Street Photography

I had a tree taken down yesterday. Normally I would hate to have a healthy tree removed, but this one was touching the house and had let a squirrel get into my attic!  But that's not all. It was a Bradford Pear, according to the home inspector who told me its shade would prevent any possible solar panel installation.

This kind of pear tree is a hybrid tree with lovely blooms in the spring but some bad habits as it matures. The branches tend to split, and the tree tends to reproduce by seeding an undesirable ancestor that is said to be a thorny bush that is hard to get rid of. In addition, when I talked to my next door neighbor about the squirrel that kept me awake all night by getting trapped in the attic, she said the tree litters her patio with messy fruit. (The squirrel, at least, escaped at the crack of dawn and has not gotten in again. )
Saturday's Critters

We've had some bitter cold days. Forecasters don't agree on how much snow we'll get, but it sounds like between 4" and a foot, followed by ice. I could do without the ice; it is dangerous to walk or drive on.

This evening's moon was muddy-looking because clouds were obscuring it. 



  1. Beautiful post! The squirrel and the silhouette shots are among my favourites.

  2. Hello,
    We are waiting for the snow to arrive later today, it is very cold. Only 8° this morning. Love the sky shot, cute squirrel. Stay warm and safe. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and a great new week! PS, thanks for leaving me a comment.

  3. I hope the little girl was just having fun with grandpa and he was not using child labour.

  4. ...here this morning it was O F with snow on the way.

  5. Your week sounds just like mine: fearful grocery shopping and tree work! We tried to have it done last summer but they were booked until January. Good luck with the snow and ice.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  6. Glad you are prepared for the snowstorm. Squirrels can be annoying no doubt, glad he left. Hope the storm is not bad, stay safe.

  7. I know you're probably getting snow today. I have been checking the weather station from time to time. Stay warm and safe!

  8. I wish it would snow where I live. Other than a few rainy days it's usually sunny and in the 70s F.

  9. Hope you don't get too much snow!

  10. Pleased you are prepared for the snowstorm, but hope you don't get too much snow.
    Stay safe and warm.

    All the best Jan

  11. Good snow pictures, my choice is the young one shoveling the snow. I left a snow shovel in New Hampshire way back in time, and another earlier than that in Nebraska where I grew up.
    Good catch for the street photo, she has her light on to help her read. It doesn't look that dark though.
    Stay safe!! I am glad you aren't taking chances. We try not to also.
    Thanks for peeking in on me.

  12. i am laughing at the squirrel shot. those critters are always getting into trouble. i saw 1 early today and was looking at what he was doing. i think he was in search for a nut ...we are dealing with some melting, but we need some warmer temps to get rid of it all. taking so long. they are calling for more weather this Thursday and next Monday. i wonder? i really feel you can't plan for appointments and such if you are worried about weather. i have gotten more cautious (why is it when you spell something and it doesn't look right, your spell check doesn't say, anything, hope that is spelled, right??! lol.) as i have gotten older, i guess? or smarter, depending on how you look at it? ( :


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