November 26, 2021

Five for Friday after Thanksgiving

"When one door closes another door opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us." ~ Alexander Graham Bell.

Reflection In Strasburg.

On Tuesday we traveled to Leesburg so Frank could get his cochlear implant activated. I took this picture as he was being tested with the new hearing device turned on. For now it just sounds like noise; he has to learn to make sense of words in that ear.

It's been a month since he had the surgery that marked the most drastic part of the process. Since then he has suffered with balance issues and nausea, and had to walk with the assistance of a walker or cane. 
B&W (iPhone SE Portrait Mode)

He is finally getting better but the difficulties have brought home the problems of living in a multi-level home. We are now planning to move to Woodstock where we own property that was designed with accessibility in mind. 

Although I feel confident that he will regain full mobility, aging is a relentless process from which no one is immune. I have problems with stairs myself. 
"Seasons change and so did I,
You need not wonder why." ~ The Guess Who.

This flower is one of the few I have seen outdoors lately. Cold temperatures have ended the blooming season for all but the most hardy.




  1. Aging is NOT fun! Wise of you to move to single-level living. Love the photo of Frank.

  2. ...I hope that Frank's situation improves.

  3. Good luck to Frank. I always feel very fortunate that, at almost seventy-nine, I can still walk 10km without difficulty, and I still teach and I still learn. I know it can't last for ever but I intend to enjoy it while I may!

  4. Hoping Frank's difficulties resolve soon. And it's a great idea to move to single level living!

  5. I hope and pray he feels better soon. It really is hard to go through all the changes we make as we age. Take care! Hugs to you both, Diane

  6. If I were to ever buy a place, and I am considering it, I would go for a single story home.

  7. I do hope he feels better soon.
    I think as we age single level living is well worth considering.
    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  8. Beautiful post, I will pray for speedy recovery. Beautiful bloom, Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.


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