November 27, 2021

D is for Dog, Ducks, Deer.

Saturday Critters

It was a happy accident that all of today's subjects start with the letter D. 

I saw this black dog walking with his person and asked her if I could take a picture. I used Pixlr to filter the image and add a vignette. 

Caturday Art

Mr. and Mrs. Duck seemed to be enjoying their swim.

The two deer were at Dickey Ridge in Shenandoah National Park. 


  1. Tthe Black Lab reminds me of our daughter's dog Holly. they are such a fine, friendly breed. The deer look beautiful in that autumn light.

  2. Hello,
    Great photos, a happy accident that is delightful. I love the cute dog, the ducks and the beautiful deer. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a great day and a happy new week ahead. PS, thanks for leaving me a comment.

  3. A good "D" day; now we'll look forward to "E" day!

  4. What gorgeous pictures - especially the Deer in the Dappled Forest Glade.

  5. How lovely, and the deer also said "yes, you can take our picture, here, this is my good side."

  6. You really did see some neat D critters! LOVE the deer! Hard to get them to stand still for a photo shoot though! Enjoy your day!

  7. so cute. great shots. hope your Thanksgiving was great. take care. ( ;

  8. Are deer safe from hunting in your area? You commented about grocery store loyalty cards. A friend commented that if you have a card from a chain like Kroger you can use your card at other stores within the chain without getting a separate one. - Margy

    1. They are mostly safe in Shenandoah National Park, although there have been a few times when they were culled due to overpopulation. In the nearby national forest, they are hunted a few weeks every year during deer season. They are more threatened by vehicles and urban sprawl.

  9. Beautiful photos, especially the sunlight filtering through the trees onto the deer.

  10. Beautiful photos! Love your art! |Thanks for sharing.


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