November 21, 2021

A Red Brick Church and Allison in a Red Shirt.

Today was a chilly Sunday. I'm covering two unrelated topics in this post, both of them brief.

Inspired Sunday: This Catholic church in Front Royal is actually much larger than it appears in the photo, but I like this view because it shows the older and prettier part of the church. The substantial addition to it lacks the graceful charm of this part of the building, in my opinion.

Here's how the church website describes St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church: "The church is located in Front Royal, the historic county seat of Warren County, in Virginia's scenic Shenandoah Valley. The original church, dedicated in 1884, was built as a memorial for John Carrell Jenkins by his family of Baltimore, MD. A larger church, built next to the original, was dedicated on June 24th, 1998, the feast day of St. John the Baptist - its Patron Saint."

Today we met Allison in Warrenton to celebrate her birthday, which is tomorrow. She is Frank's middle daughter and she lives in Manassas.

Behind her in the picture is some artwork in the steakhouse. I framed one of the metal cutouts with a picture that was behind it. 

I didn't mind driving to Warrenton because we not only had lunch with her but I also took the opportunity to shop in a grocery store that has a better selection of groceries than the stores near our home. 


  1. The church reminds me of one or two here.

  2. Hello,
    Happy Birthday to Allison! I like the art work.
    Have a great day and week ahead.

  3. ...chilly weather and snow is on its way here!

  4. That is a nice looking church. Hope Allison had a good birthday

  5. Good to share birthday with Allison, and get some goodies at that grocery! Love the traditional feel of the church.

  6. Happy Birthday to Allison.

    All the best Jan

  7. Red is definitely your s-daughter's color! You made a lovely portrait for her birthday. Agree with you about the original part of the church, but I suppose they had to grow.


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