October 13, 2021

Today at Burke Lake

An appointment took me to Burke today. After seeing the allergist, I drove to nearby Burke Lake Park and walked around taking cell phone pictures.

Wild Bird Wednesday

There were Canada Geese, which is not surprising since they seem to be at every lake around here. I saw a single gull on a pier. 

One thing I've learned from the internet is that serious birders do not call them sea gulls. Just say gull or use their full name such as herring gull. I think I'll call this one Ralph. We'll see him again from a different viewpoint. 

I noticed one tree that had changed color. 

I was able to get a little closer to Ralph from the edge of the shore. He did not look concerned about my presence.

Later I spied a heron, but he did not let me get close at all. He flew a little farther out in the lake as I approached. I regretted leaving my real camera in the car because my iPhone does not zoom very much. Can you see him in the water? He's in the center of the picture.


  1. Burke Lake looks like a beautiful place. We see the heron! I hate when I get caught without my real camera, too. :)

  2. Nice pics. I got lucky today and the Blue Heron let me snap a few good pics.

  3. Pretty views of the lake, I always enjoy seeing the herons. Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. I do know to just call them gulls.

  5. that sure was an "eagle eye" seeing the heron, it is always a thrill!! the herons are my favorite large bird!!

    1. and the small space magazine i showed on my blog, did come from the dollar store. i also got "holiday sweets or treats" and that one was really good too!!

    2. I’ve learned to watch for these magazines when I go there.

  6. Yes, I found the heron! Do I get a prize? Just seeing him is a prize in itself. Thanks for introducing Ralph to us. Chuckles are good!

  7. I haven't been to Burke Lake in a long time. Love your captures today. Ralph is too cute! I learned this fact about "gull's" a few years ago when I sat in on a nature talk. I love the reds in the leaves also.


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