October 12, 2021

A New Marker in Fishers Hill

Fishers Hill is a very small town so I would not expect any historical markers except for ones about the Civil War battle that took place near here in 1864.

Creative Women of Fishers Hill.
Three women who achieved national prominence for their creative endeavors, but were later largely forgotten, lived near Fishers Hill during the 1880's. Landscape artist Bertha Von Hillern (ca. 1857-1939), once renowned as a competitive endurance walker, shared a studio 1.5 miles northwest of here with painter Maria J. C. a’ Becket (1839-1904). The women, influenced by the French Barbizon Movement, drew inspiration from the rugged forests of this area, exhibited their works at elite galleries and World’s Fairs, and mentored one another. Emma Howard Wight (ca. 1863-1935) arrived here late in the 1880s and became a prolific author of novels, short stories, plays, radio dramas, and photoplays.

This marker was dedicated a week ago. It is along Battlefield Road next to the mill pond.


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