October 29, 2021

Finally We Have Autumn Colors, and Today it Rained.

Autumn colors are bursting forth, but before I show you some, I want to mention that I still have a rose blooming, even as October draws to an end. 

We had rain today. After it let up this afternoon, I ran some errands in Front Royal. The mountains were mostly shrouded in clouds, but I drove up on Skyline Drive anyway. It is a beautiful place, even in inhospitable weather. 

The tall trees at Low Gap are always worth seeing. I'm also sharing a few other pictures from the northern section of the Drive. I only drove the first ten miles or so, partly in the fog. 

Today's final picture is closer to home, a reflection in our neighborhood lake. 

Rain is forecast for tomorrow. Frank still doesn't feel like doing much so I guess we'll stay home.

I hope you have a good weekend. 


  1. The best of the colours are already over here.

  2. Hello,
    Pretty Autumn colors. The last reflection shot is beautiful. Have a happy weekend!

  3. ...I love the single oak leaf.

  4. We don't really get autumn here, at least, not the way I remember it from England. Your photos are lovely - especially the reflections in the lake.

  5. I hope Frank will feel better soon. How lovely you still have a rose blooming. Your photos on Skyline Drive area great. No matter the weather up there, it retains its beauty. Pretty lake view too.

  6. Great photos!
    We have had misty rain for a couple of days, but the forecast is for clearing skies today.
    Have a blessed day!

  7. Same rainy foggy mountains...they are beautiful though. Love the colors even being muted!

  8. The dark tree trunks look fascinating and the wide panorama is gorgeous 💛 Happy Halloween Linda.

  9. Some lovely fall colors and views.

  10. The misty day adds the right mood for these.

  11. Nice to see some of the fading fall colors in your area as sadly this past week's nor'easter has stripped many trees here in nashua, NH. How wonderful to still have a rose in bloom!


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