July 18, 2021

Mountain Valley UMC

 This Methodist Church is in the countryside near the community of Athlone, not too far from Harrisonburg. 

The church website tells us that written records go back to 1833. "The first log structure stood in the southern end of the present cemetery. The building as it stands was built by covenant in 1851 as a Free Church to all people and denominations. Affiliation with the United Brethren begin in 1854 with Mountain Valley being part of the Lacey Spring circuit of churches supported by a traveling pastor. In 1965, the circuit was dissolved and Mountain Valley became a station church with its own pastor. The Evangelical United Brethren merged with the Methodists in 1970, making Mountain Valley a United Methodist Church."

I don't know what the dates above the door signify. EUB stands for Evangelical United Brethren. 


  1. ...I love the window over the door.

  2. churches like this are great ...but i often wonder when it is raining ... u have to be quick to enter ...or u will get drenched. lol. great views. hope u r well this week. take care. ( ;

  3. I also thought of the weather...that the entrance is good for winter where there's a little area set apart, maybe even with other doors inside to separate the cold air when coming inside from the interior where people are just sitting.

  4. Nice views of the Church.

    All the best Jan

  5. That is an interesting church. Nicely photographed!

  6. A beautiful church. I am delighted with it.
    Hugs and greetings.


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