July 25, 2021

In the Lost River Valley.

I've driven through the scenic valley along Lost River quite a few times. Yesterday I noticed something new: a simple rambler has been transformed by a mural with a cross in the center. This is near a couple of churches but I don't know which one it is associated with or perhaps it is a separate church. 

Inspired Sunday.

Much of the valley is farm land. Here we see two barns with a fine old house between them. It is known as Woodlawn.

The third image shows a nearby landscape. l used Pixlr online to alter this.
The Barn Collective.



  1. The family could be very religious

  2. ...I like the farms in the big wide valley!

  3. Beautiful views of the farm land and the mural.
    Take care, have a great new week!

  4. I am unfamiliar with the term "rambler". What does it mean?

  5. i think it something i love most about Virginia and West VA ... those rural scenes. take a pic ...hold on to that forever ... keep in your mind, to go there when u need a "happy place". great shots. take care this week. u have a blast, do what you wish to. i mean why not? ( ;

  6. Wonderful with the mountains in the background...all of these. Love the mural on the little house, it kind of makes it look more tucked into the scene.

  7. Oh very nice place darling
    Great photos

  8. Three lovely images from your drive Linda, I must admit I do enjoy playing with Pixlr now and then also 😊


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