July 26, 2021

A Morning Spent in Winchester

Today was the day for Frank's second cataract surgery so we got up early and went to Winchester. I've been tired the rest of the day and he's been sleeping. I did find some flowers to photograph when we stopped to pick up fast food after the procedure. 

Mosaic Monday

He wanted a strawberry shake and fries. McDonald's near the hospital has a mural showing some downtown buildings. Please pardon the intrusion of the TV screen and the tray return/trash can.

On another wall they have a street map of Winchester.

Monday Murals


  1. Hope your husband is recovering well from his cataract surgery.
    Nice flower collage. Nice mural too, even McDonald's has murals, lol. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.

  2. Linda - wishing Frank a speedy recovery. Despite the scarcity of time, you sure put together a gorgeous collage! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

    1. Luv your round flower mosiacs.
      Have a good week. I am at #13 on the linky


  3. Hello,
    I wish your hubby a speedy recovery from his eye surgery. The flowers are beautiful, nice mural.
    Have a great day!

  4. ...that's a wonderful mural.

  5. Cataract surgery was the easiest procedure I can imagine. Both eyes.

  6. Great to see a local mural or two in a MacD's. Wishing your hubby quick recovery and to enjoy his new eye sight!

  7. Lovely mural and I hope your husband has a good recovery.

  8. I'm sorry. We had no electricity and therefore now my late comment here...

    ...thank you for sharing, I enjoyed reading.

    Happy MosaicMonday


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