June 17, 2021

Letters of Love in Montross

"Virginia is for Lovers."

The LOVE letters in Montross represent local features: A waterman's boot, an oyster, a shark's tooth, and a wine bottle. It seems there is an Oyster Trail in the Northern Neck for folks who want to dine on seafood. After all, the region lies between two rivers and is just above the Chesapeake Bay. 

The area is not plagued by sharks, so don't worry. Fossilized shark's teeth are often found by beach combers, and ancient sharks were huge. As for wine, there are multiple vineyards and wineries. I remember when very little wine was made in Virginia, but grafting techniques have greatly improved the quality and yield of grape vines.

Here's another view of the sign.

Signs, Signs./ Little Things Thursday.

Here's another view of the courthouse that I showed last week. There's a plaque in front.

"Evergreen trees planted by citizens of Montross
Dedicated to those of Westmoreland County
Who served their country in World Wars I, II, and Korea."


  1. I love art in public areas and you can't beat LOVE.

  2. ...Virginia's LOVE slogan is a great one and this LOVE sign is wonderful. Thanks Linda for joining the party.

  3. That's a very original sign. And I'm pleased they included the 🍷.

  4. I would imagine the trees and plaque were installed in the 60s before Viet Nam. Nice gesture!

  5. I've watched a lovely film about Virginia that was really interesting so hearing more about the Oyster Trail and the wineries information has added to my knowledge. That's a good mural.


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