June 18, 2021

Consider the Lilies

Skywatch / Friday Bliss / Garden Affair / Floral Friday

"They neither toil nor spin."

Lilies are blooming in Virginia. Orange daylilies decorate our yards and even line country roads long after the people who planted them are gone. I read that daylilies are not "true" lilies but they are certainly decorative.

Also sharing with Black and White Weekend

Yellow "Stella d'oro" daylilies are popular garden plants.

 Our Asiatic lilies have started blooming. In the final image, a daylily is on the left and an Asiatic lily is on the right. The foliage is different.


  1. These orange daylilies don't bloom here yet, but the yellow ones do. Also other varieties are a bit later. Your lilies are beautiful Linda.

  2. ...they are just starting here!

  3. They are a cheerful sight to see.

  4. Beautiful!
    We see a lot of the orange day lilies here too.
    Have a blessed day!

  5. I love daylilies. They are very popular in Oklahoma

  6. Gorgeous flowers. Nice to see them blooming along country roads!

  7. Tenho alguns por aqui... acho lindos! bj

  8. Wow ! Lovely Asiatic Lilies . Thanks for joining Garden Affair.

  9. They are lovely to see.

    All the best Jan


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