June 22, 2021

Berlin 2001

When Marie went around the world 20 years ago, we met up with her in Berlin. This was before I had a blog but I did have a website and posted a summary of that trip to Europe. I linked to a photo hosting site that has since been bought out so most of my pictures are now unseen. Here is one of the Reichstag.

Tuesday Treasures

I don't know these folks standing in front of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The church was badly damaged in World War II and they kept some of the bombed-out section as a memorial. It is a moving reminder of the tragedy of war.

A friend of Marie's paid a visit while we were there, and we all went on a tour by boat. 



  1. An around the world trip! Lucky girl!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. So wonderful to be able to meet up with friends on your tour. Beautiful place and building.

  3. ...I visited Germany once, it was a great trip. Thanks Linda for sharing, enjoy your week.

  4. Nice post and cool photos! I like your blog. I follow you. Please foollow me back: beauty4fem.blogspot.com Glad to meet you, Victoria

  5. War is indeed tragic, but we never stop doing it.

  6. Muito bom deve ser olhar o mundo...adoraria, mas sem coragem por hora.

  7. That must have been a fantastic trip. These memorials are always very moving. There is a very similar memorial where I used to live when I was young. Thank you for the link, I shall enjoy checking it out.

  8. great buildings.... and nice to meet friend while travel in foreign countries....


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