April 9, 2021

The Soft Side of Helltown

Front Royal used to be called Helltown, supposedly because it was the scene of many brawls when boatmen came to town. I'm not going to say it is calm now, but it does have a beautiful side. It is situated in a river valley between the Blue Ridge and the Massanutten Mountains.
Skywatch Friday

Black and White: I spotted this interesting tree next to Happy Creek. (I wound up editing this image on Fotojet online because my Photoshop program is giving me constant error messages.)

The next few photos are of Happy Creek. This creek winds its way through the town. For part of the distance, you can walk alongside it on a trail called the Royal Shenandoah Greenway.

Weekend Reflections

There is an arboretum planted along the creek with a variety of trees.

The purple flowers are next to a church in a different part of town.


  1. I love a creek to tickle my toes. I like the sky shot and the purple flowers. Thanks

  2. It would be interesting to visit the arboretum twenty-five years from now.

  3. ...Helltown was quite a name.

  4. Lovely to see Forsythia in bloom. Irises are my favourites and I have exactly this pale lilac phlox growing in my garden. Warm greetings, riitta

  5. I liked the interesting shapes on that tree...it always makes me wonder what kind of events might have contributed to it growing that way.

  6. The tree has amazing shapes! It could almost be a worn-down sculpture.

  7. I would like to spend some time next to Happy Creek. It looks wonderful!

  8. I love the name Front Royal although Helltown has its own charm.

  9. Looks like a great place to walk and enjoy nature!

  10. The tree is bizarre and beautiful, stunning Iris blooms. Thanks for watching.


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