April 10, 2021

Bedeviled by Technology... and Geese.

Here it is Saturday and I had to struggle to crop my critter photos due to technical problems. My laptop has memory problems and the app I usually use to fix that was not doing much to clear space. I tried to contact them yesterday but wound up conversing with a bot, which I found so frustrating that I deleted my account. That did not solve my swap disk problem with Photoshop, of course, so I am temporarily using Pixlr online. 

So, I hope you enjoy the deer, squirrel, and birds today.

Here we see a red-winged blackbird and a downy woodpecker. 
Saturday Critters / I'd Rather Be Birdin'

I've written about the graylag geese a couple of times lately. It's hilarious that they come up and knock on the door, but it is not funny when they get aggressive in the yard. The meanest one pecked me and left a bruise on my ankle! 

They leave a mess in front of the door too. I got a plastic owl, put sand in it to keep it from blowing over, and placed it in front of the glass doors. Here we see how well it works. Yes, they were not at all concerned about it. 



  1. I think maybe you've been too kind to the geese and now they won't let go? No, they are too clever to be scared by an unreal owl. They will get the message, eventually.

  2. Beautiful deer, squirrel and birds! You did well with the alternative editing tool. Wondering what will scare the geese away, may be a goose herding dog.

  3. Hello,
    Love the sweet deer! Great collection of birds, the Downy is one of my many favorites. The geese looks so funny looking in the window, sorry they are a cute nuisance. I hope they leave soon. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy day! PS, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  4. I stay clear of geese...been pecked, and BITTEN by them too many times.
    Thanks for a most wonderful series of images shared ...

    ~Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

    PS... hope your computer woes are mended!!!

  5. Great shot of the animals despite your issues with technology! I think that those owl decoys rarely work. I see boats at the local marina with a gull perched on the owl's head! The large owls are nocturnal hunters anyway, so the geese probably have little knowledge of them.

  6. ...downeys are everywhere here.

  7. Loved seeing these critters this morning...they made a cheerful day for me. Hope the goose problem can be solved, what a bother they can be. I especially like the deer photo. Hope your techno problem is resolvable easily soon.

  8. Technology!! can be so frustrating.
    Lovely Deer and Downy. I saw my first Greylag today. Have a lovely week

  9. The geese are kind of cheeky!!
    I hate having computer or software problems.

  10. great critter captures. Love that last shot, it made me laugh.

  11. such cuties and i really enjoy seeing the deer!!

    my mac always seems to have memory issues, i-cloud issues and start up problems. now i have a new problem that i can't remember because i never read the message. something about my start-up being almost full!! this thing leaves me more messages than the husband leaves me post-it notes...and believe me, i get a lot of those!!

    those red-winged blackbirds always have a lot to say too!!

  12. Technology can be really irritating at times.

  13. Oh the goose photo is excellent! I have been hearing the red-winged blackbirds a lot lately!

  14. So sorry about the geese.
    You've shared some lovely photographs, thank you.

    All the best Jan


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