March 19, 2021

Skies, Trees, Stores.

Willy Nilly Friday

1. On Wednesday afternoon, we went up on Skyline Drive and for a while we drove through heavy mist because we were in the clouds. Then we came out on top of the clouds and saw this view.
Black and White Weekend

2. Skywatch: If you keep your phone or camera ready, you can grab a picture at a stop light. 

3. This tree at Blandy was as yellow as a blooming forsythia, but it is a type of dogwood called a Japanese Cornelian Cherry. 
Friday Bliss / Garden Affair / Floral Friday

4. Reflection: This mirror was on a display of sunglasses in a supermarket.

5. This scene is in smaller store. A young lady is staying the recommended six feet from the woman in front, who is not wearing a mask. 

The people who refuse to wear masks are a reason our country has suffered over 536,000 deaths from Covid 19. All too many people have died, but too many people only care about themselves. Or they prefer their ignorance to science, and deal with fear by denying it instead of handling it with intelligent planning. 

I get angry at these people. Honestly I want to slap them! But they may be carrying disease so it is best to stay as far from them as possible. 


  1. I do so agree about non-mask-wearers! We must wear masks in stores, but some wear them under their chins...
    Great black and white view!

  2. And then you see idiots like Rand Paul duelling with Dr. Fauci, setting a wonderful example for all.

  3. ...I love your black and white! Our cornelian cherry has a way to go yet. I NEVER see anyone in a store without a mask here.

  4. The masks are going slowly away because more people are getting vaccinated, and they think they don't need to wear them any more...though you can't tell the difference betweeen them and someone who never wears a mask in the first place. I'm just glad the virus has been determined not to live for long on surfaces, so I can pick up food to take home without fear. I guess I don't wash my hands as much either, which is my own fault, having passed two weeks after vaccinations.

  5. I don't understand why your government didn't make the wearing of masks mandatory in public places!
    Re:the photos - I particularly love that first one, in black and white. It's quite stunning.

  6. I'm glad our local stores require masks. Without a mask, people cannot enter, and it is enforced. I love that first photo, with just the mountain peaks visible through the clouds.

  7. Amazing to see a yellow variety of Dogwood!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I love the shot of the mountain peaks poking above the clouds (or fog). You are a true blogger who snaps photos from your car. And it seems to me that more and more people in Oklahoma are wearing masks even in towns where it is not required. Not enough do though.

  9. Love your fog capture, as in "wow". As for the COVID observations, the saddest thing of all is when a COVID or mask denier loses one or more family members and they STILL don't learn from the tragic experience. Ad now we have those who won't take the vaccine, but that's another story, I guess. My New York has a mask mandate but people find ways around it. Sadly. Aana

  10. Lovely captures and captions all!

  11. Those yellow spring bloomers look gorgeous. In Finland it is not yet obligatory to wear masks, only a recommendation, but most people do. Warm greetings to you Linda.

  12. Haha, those people are here too. They should be grateful you and I don’t want to get close enough to slap them. Have you see the pictures of Spring Break in Florida? Dear lord. Glad we’re here, at least not as many idiots. Anyway, your drive along the Skyline was beautiful .

  13. Nice shots!
    Your hand would get tired from slapping if you visited my city. A lot if not most people only wear masks inside of stores because of store policy. Masks have never been legally enforced nor lockdowns. Restaurants are open and people have been enjoying the beach non-stop the whole time.
    Newport Beach population is around 86 thousand and there have been 71 covid-19 related deaths. I wonder how that compares to cities that have been locked down and most people wear masks?

  14. Beautiful post ! Forsythia blooms are stunning. Thanks for joining Garden Affair.

  15. I do like the misty/fog view, and the yellow dogwood too.

    All the best Jan

  16. Beautiful Forsythia blooms, It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening, Nature and birds here at


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