March 18, 2021

Little Things Thursday: Some Things that I Like

It was the green flag that convinced me to stop and take a picture of this house in Strasburg, but I must say, it is architecturally interesting. 

Finally! I saw Lynn again on Saturday after a four month separation although she only lives 90 minutes away. In November she fell ill with Covid-19 and remained sick for two months. Then we waited until I had my vaccinations before finally getting together to exchange Christmas gifts in March.

My other daughter lives on the West Coast so I have not seen her in well over a year.  I hope she is able to get vaccinated so we can get together. 

The third photo is a LOVE sign at the New Market Battlefield. Symbols of a Civil War battle make up the letters, which seem like an anomaly, but this is Virginia and the tourism slogan is "Virginia is for Lovers." 


I like purple and I spied this window while waiting for a red light in Luray. 

Today's final photo shows the post office in Gainesville, VA. Many buildings in Virginia are made of brick because we have plenty of good clay.


  1. Hello,
    The love sign is one of my favorite, I like the purple window with the lights. I am glad you could meet with Lynn. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  2. COVID has been cruel indeed. You may have seen Lily in my blog posts. We still have not been able to hold her.

    1. That is sad. I hope this is about to change.

  3. ...yet again you have found a wonderful LOVE sign!

  4. agree with you that the first building is architectural interesting....

    But, all images are beautiful.

    Happy weekend

  5. Uma casa admirável, gostei muito.
    Que bom que pode se encontrar e rever sua Lynn
    É muito cruel não poder ver nossos filhos, dói.
    A minha trabalha na linha de frente ao Covid, nem sei quando vou vê-La.
    Continuemos com esperanças nas vacinas, que por aqui só gera conflitos entre os governantes, cada vez pior a nossa política. Não estão sabendo administrar o Brasil, uma pena....só pensam neles e nos seus umbigos. O povo padece.
    Belo dia! bj

  6. I love the love sign. The house is a beauty, very nice! Glad you could meet up with Lynn, a special moment indeed.

  7. Good that you've been able to see Lynn.


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