March 15, 2021

Love, Elkton.

Rockingham County, VA
Monday Murals

I found a LOVE mural in Elkton and then found a LOVE sign decorated for St. Patrick's Day.

I don't know if you can see this detail in the first photo but I noticed this dog picture when I had the photo enlarged in Photoshop. 

While I was in Elkton, I located the post office using my car's NAV system (by searching Points of Interest, By Name, P-O-S-T, List). 

I've posted photos of Elkton in the past, including a couple of murals. 
Mosaic Monday


  1. Linda - we can't have too much LOVE in the world! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  2. Spreading the love

    The dog picture would have been missed without the good picture enhancing technology

  3. Love the murals Linda and the cute pic of the dog in the window. Thanks for contributing to Monday Murals Linda

  4. I need to take a little trip!

  5. These loves are great. Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy LOVE.

  6. Great examples for Love...and I like the previous posts as well. Elkton must be pretty big, I'm guessing.

    1. It is big for a small town but it’s not a city. There is an interest to the arts, perhaps because it is not too far from Luray, which has a long history of murals.

  7. Gosto de ver suas fotos e conhecer lugares que me fascina.
    Belo mural bjss


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