January 31, 2021

The First Snowfall of the Year.

It's not the first snowfall of the winter, but it is our first measurable snow of 2021. Even so, it was only about 5 inches deep. We may get a little more tonight.

Here's a view from a different window. I kept a little decoration in the frame to liven up the ordinary scene. Weather is considered a trite topic of conversation but I think it's interesting. Even in this technological age, we depend on weather for our crops and security. I suspect we are genetically programmed to pay attention to the weather. 

Inspired Sunday: This is Bethel Lutheran Church of Edinburg, VA. The church was completed in 1867.

I photographed it a couple of weeks ago. It sits on a hill in a rural area.




  1. There is no question that the weather affects our daily lives, even to the point of dictating what we will wear. And based on a lifetime of foreign travel I can tell you that our preoccupation with it is universal.

  2. Those are pretty sun catchers. I ordered some for the windows. Beautiful church. I am hoping for more snow here.

  3. The weather affects everything. How can we can be thinking of it all the time?! We are closing in on two inches here in KY, so no school for my small school district today. Or I should say it's a virtual day. A true snow day is no more, it seems.

  4. We didn't get the second wave of snow, after the first accumulation was rained away yesterday...so it's back to dreary grey everywhere here. Maybe not in the mountains, but my valley anyway. Yes, we creatures of this big blue ball do need to know what's coming our way weather-wise.

  5. I like those ornaments too, thy look nice. No snow here but we have rain and lots of it. :)

  6. Hi Linda. We have had a few weeks of on off snow fall here in the UK during January. Weather is a funny topic as it can be the casual pass the time of day topic, or a major military operation to get dressed up correctly for a long walk.... Weather conversation in my house in good. Keep well in these troubled times

  7. We are actually getting a winter, snow, ice, sleet and freezing temps. Glad to be inside watching the birds.

  8. It's the best weather one can ask for.

  9. We have had a lot of rain.
    Lovely to see the snow in your photographs.
    I like the ornaments, so colourful.

    All the best Jan

  10. So enjoy seeing your winter images Linda, we're having a too long spell of high 30C's ✨


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