January 15, 2021

Interesting Times

"May you live in interesting times" is said to be a traditional Chinese curse. The interesting times we live in have been traumatic. From the long pandemic to the assault on the U.S. Capitol, we've endured a year of new things that we did not want. 

I make an effort to get away from the news at times. We have to take care of our mental and physical health if we are going to build a better world.

Willy Nilly Friday: Nothing is blooming here in January so I took some pictures of supermarket flowers to show you. 

Floral Friday / Garden Affair / Friday Bliss

I'm glad I figured out how to caption a picture in the new Blogger interface. (In edit mode, click on the image and look for the underlined A.)

Yesterday I scanned in some old black and white pictures from my high school years. This is one of the person who became  my first husband. I'm over being angry at him and I like the picture. 

Let's jump back to today for a skywatch photo. 

This afternoon I had an online committee meeting for Friends of Seven Bends State Park.  We plan to have a public meeting online in February. 
Guardedly Good News: Vaccinations for Covid-19 have reached our area. I've been trying to make appointments for us, especially for Frank since he is diabetic.  Yesterday I got part way through the online registration form only to see that all slots were suddenly gone. They appointments have to be spaced out for safety and they are snapped up like hot concert tickets. 

It looks like the vaccines will not end Covid though. It prepares the body to fight back at the disease, but does not make you immune. I guess we'll be wearing masks for a long time.  

Stay safe! 


  1. Your flower collage is fresh & charming. No use to be angry at former husbands :) Have a nice weekend.

  2. Wow.... like that second picture of him with the bow and arrow.

  3. Pretty flowers, and I really like the Skywatch image, too!
    We certainly do live in 'interesting' times. I was near one of the vaccination sites yesterday, and the police had the streets blocked off for a distance all around it, making people turn around and go back the other way unless they had an appointment. Very odd, I thought.

  4. Interesting black and white photo. I used to do some archery, waaay back! I'm not familiar with that way of holding the bow - we held ours vertically.

  5. Hello,
    Pretty flowers, I like the Skywatch scene. I hope your hubby is able to get the vaccine soon. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  6. We've all our appointments booked up here also, according the the site that I visited several times yesterday and the day before. I agree with Dragonstar...I taught archery at camp and have never seen that position for using a bow. Love flowers of any sort!

  7. ...these bright colors will be a welcomed sight come spring.

  8. Your flower collage is just so colourful, I love it :)

    All the best Jan

  9. Lovely blooms . The collection of varied flowers looks beautiful. Thanks for joining in Garden Affair. Keep joining.


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