January 3, 2021

An Old Picture and an Old Church.

Black and White Weekend: This photo of a feather is one that I took several decades ago and printed myself. I was taking a photography class at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria. They had a great photography program and I took many classes.

Inspired Sunday: This small church is in Millwood, Virginia. 

The building dates to around 1907. The congregation moved to a larger church in 1923, which had been home to a white Baptist congregation that moved to nearby Boyce. 


  1. what fun!! Happy New Year!! glad to see you .. what a great way to get started. birds are chirping. ( ;

  2. Bela foto....amo ver fotos de igrejas. bj

  3. ...I missed this one when I was in Millwood.

  4. Love the feather - I wonder what bird it is from?

    Hope all is well.

    Stewart M - Melbourne


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