December 22, 2020

Holiday at Peggy's, 1999.


  1. ...Linda, your say is more timely this year! Thanks for sharing and I hope the yoou will have a safe and Merry Christmas.

  2. I imagine that wonderful feeling of walking into a group of friends/relations and being welcomed as belonging there...much hugging, laughing, sharing recent or old stories, and more laughter! May we return to those days again soon!

  3. Linda!
    May this Christmas bring smiles at your doorstep joy in your heart
    and love and togetherness of friends and family in your home.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. Oh is that boxed reminder at the end of your post ever true! And how sweet the memories!

  5. Hoping the memories are sweet ones!
    Thanks for sharing at

  6. Not that kind of memory for this year, but it's what it has to be.


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