November 19, 2020

Signs: Mid-November

Here are some signs and sights that caught my eye. The first two are in Winchester. 

The Pumpkin Head Peanuts were in Woodstock. 

I made a meme out of a thought I had. 

The remaining three scenes are in Timberville.

The LOVE sign overlooks the railroad. 

The post office is a practical looking brick building. 


  1. ...Linda, you have a wonderful collection, but I LOVE the love sign best! Thanks for coming to the party!

  2. Hello Linda,
    Wonderful collection of signs. The "love" sign is my favorite. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Great collection, and including your own words! Love is where the answer is.

  4. A great collection of signs. Love the love sign!

  5. Hi Linda.
    Great collection of characters. I like it very much.
    Have a healthy happy weekend.

  6. A lovely selection of photographs here Linda, thank you.

    All the best Jan


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