November 18, 2020

Serene Yet Wild.

I haven't seen any herons or raptors this week so I wondered if I had something for Wild Bird Wednesday. I've shown geese and ducks so many times ... but here the water looks pretty, so it's geese once again. 

The catbird is a reliable visitor to our yard. 

Here's a winged creature you don't see every day! 

That could be the notorious humming-horse, or it could be Pegasus. Or it could be a little wooden toy that I bought from a Mennonite family at a yard sale, and decided to pose on a fancy shepherd's crook. You decide!

This robin looks more blue in the photo than it does in person. 

For the closing picture, let's return to the lake. The ducks were too far away to see clearly, and I had to shoot fast because they were swimming away. 

I believe they are bufflehead ducks. I've seen them here in November before, so apparently this is on their migration path. 



  1. Love your birds Linda, and the winged creature.

  2. Buffleheads are my favourite. My daughter used to call them bubbleheads.

  3. Had to laugh at the Pegasus in wood, he's cute!

  4. There is little more pleasant than a walk by the lake, with ducks and geese swimming along to keep you company. Probably good therapy for anyone feeling a little Covid-induced angst.

  5. I like your birds and enjoyed seeing the winged creature too, he looks quite cute :)

    All the best Jan


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