September 30, 2020

Wednesday Water Birds

Late this afternoon I saw an egret in my neighbor's yard. I didn't have my better zoom with me so he looks small here. 

I took several images but the others are not sharp enough to crop drastically. This one I cropped but it looked dull so I blended the layers using Overlay mode. I usually work in layers in Photoshop unless I'm just posting cell phone pictures.

I tried to get pictures from my yard but the egret flew into the trees. These geese were there but started to march away. 

The final two images are alternate versions of the second one using very different layer blending modes and slightly different cropping. Which do you prefer? 


  1. Pretty images and you did great even without the zoom. I like each image but I am always drawn to color, so I guess the second one.

  2. Hello,
    I love the reflection on the first photo. I think the egrets are moving south, I have seen one in our local pond too. Love the geese too, pretty photos. Take care, have a great day!

  3. I always love it when I spot egrets!

  4. I guess my preference is the first of the 3. It's always hard to decide these things...and the geese are in sharp focus anyway!

  5. While the bird might be small, the reflections of the willow on the water is truly wonderful and makes the shot really great. Nice!

  6. Beautiful pictures of that white egret!

  7. ... Wonderful environs, as usual!

  8. Nice set of photos. keep well Diane

  9. These are all so lovely.

    All the best Jan


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