September 27, 2020

Two Edifices in Harrisonburg

The Muhlenberg Lutheran Church is a large limestone building. The original church dates to 1849, with additions constructed over the years.

It is named after Peter Muhlenberg, a pastor who famously made a speech supporting the American Revolution in his church in Woodstock in 1776. (I have posted about Muhlenberg previously.) He raised a regiment and became an officer in George Washington's army. 

I read that this church has some lovely windows but right now it is still closed due to the pandemic. 

Also in downtown Harrisonburg is the old post office building, now serving as a courthouse for bankruptcy court.

After I got home yesterday, I was blessed with a pretty sunset.



  1. ...beautiful architecture finished with a beautiful sunset.

  2. Hello,

    Pretty church and post office. Love the gorgeous sunset! Take care, enjoy your day! I wish you a happy new week.

  3. Surdy buildings those are! No wonder they've lived so long, and had additions. Thanks for sharing the story of the Rev. Muhlenberg.

  4. Nice limestone church! The old post office is a red brick building, typical of U.S.

  5. Lovely church and beautiful sunset. Wishing you peace and joy throughout the week.

  6. Superb tree shadows on the church. Thanks so much!

  7. That is a beautiful sunset.

    All the best Jan

  8. what gorgeous views. what fun. hope your fall is getting off to a great start. take care. ( ;


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