May 1, 2015

Revolution #1

The theme for May on City Daily Photo is Revolution. I have a couple of photos that are appropriate, and the above shot of Peter Muhlenberg is one. Unless you are from Shenandoah County, you probably don't know who he is, though.

John Peter Muhlenberg was a local minister. In the early days of the American Revolution, he is said to have created a sensation from the pulpit by removing his ministerial robe to reveal a uniform underneath: the uniform of an officer in the Continental Army.

Declaring that there is "A time to pray and a time to fight,” he inspired local people to join the fight for independence. He distinguished himself in Washington's army and there's a statue of Muhlenberg in the U.S. Capitol.

I wrote about Muhlenberg back in 2008 and decided to reprise his story for this theme. The full-length statue in Woodstock stands near a bust that was erected earlier.  The town also has a street named after him.

Woodstock is the county seat of Shenandoah County, Virginia. I posted a picture of the old courthouse a few months ago but I'm including another version here so that you can see the location of the monuments. The bust stands in the center and the statue is off to the right. This building is no longer the courthouse but now houses a visitors center.

Here's another view of that great cupola.

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  1. Nice quote: "A time to pray and a time to fight,”

  2. Thank you for this enlightening history lesson in images and words!

  3. All dressed to 'battle' it out.

  4. Great post and quote.. The courthouse is a beautiful building.. Happy Friday!

  5. A fascinating sculpture, and I love the look of the old courthouse.

  6. Great cupola. What a great UP shot. And a very interesting post.


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