September 17, 2020

Signs, Stickers, and So on.

This is a post with lots of pictures and they aren't in quite the order that I envisioned but Blogger has changed and made it more difficult to move images around and format them. I used to do much of that in HTML but now that it doesn't show spaces between the images, it takes way too long to do. I already made a suggestion but so far the problem persists.

The first image shows a couple of stickers that came in the mail with fund raising letters. I haven't put bumper stickers on my car since chrome bumpers went out of style, and I don't make donations in response to unsolicited merchandise. (How many stickers, calendars, and address labels can a person use anyway?) I like the messages so I took a picture before throwing them away.

The second picture is a sign I saw in a West Virginia store. I imagine you know the song.

That store is the Lost River Trading Post and that is where I have some photos on display through this week. So we see two of them behind me and in between them is a space where my covered bridge picture hung before it sold. Yes! I'm thankful that one of mine sold. 

Thankful Thursday / Signs, Signs

That store sells collectibles and coffee as well as art. I think Uncle Sam looks cool next to this Obama Inauguration Display!

Also in Wardensville is the white barn with a barn quilt. Behind the fence you can see a little pond. Across from there is a farm market with a green pig on the pergola.

I went into a discount store and found children's masks sold as a day-of-the-week set. 

Back in Virginia, another farm market has a sign letting customers know they are required to wear a mask. Almost every store has a sign posted requiring masks. Some enforce it more than others. 

There are still people who won't wear masks. I suspect they deal with fear by pretending it doesn't exist. "Fight or flight" is a complicated thing. Ignoring a threat may be a form of flight. Personally I prefer to face it and deal with it intelligently.

The sign in the next photo is on a home in Strasburg. The person who posted this Patrick Henry quote wrote in "masks," apparently thinking they are a form of chains and slavery. (You can't see me but I'm rolling my eyes.)

Meanwhile, when I dropped off a book at the library in Front Royal, I noticed that it will be quarantined for five days. That seems like more than necessary, but I understand the desire for safety.

I'm still photographing post offices. This one is in Mt. Jackson.  

And last of all, a sign in Winchester. We were there for an appointment Frank had with the ENT doctor (for his stopped up ear). I recalled that Apple Valley Veterinary usually has a funny sign so I drove down that road to see. 


  1. Hello,
    Great collection of signs. Congrats on your Covered Bridge photo sold, that is awesome! I had a laugh over the bathing a cat sign. I can only assume the people who do not wear a mask are just willing to spread the virus, get sick and die. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for a great collection (again!) and I got a laugh out of the green pig! People do have imaginations still. Keep on wearing those masks!

  3. Thank you for commenting on my post. With some, it seems not being inconvenienced is more important than getting sick or making someone else sick. The green pig made me smile, and from personal experience, the veterinary sign is so true. Congrats on selling one of your photos, that's wonderful!

  4. Patrick Henry would probably think that guy was being a dumbass.

  5. I think some adults could use those day of the week masks. I wonder if I will be able to wear all my floral masks after our killing frost (which, gulp, may be this weekend). I realized that all my masks are made from floral prints. I wonder why, lol. Do I have to switch to fall, then winter scenes? If masks are what it takes to keep people safe, I will gladly wear one, and I do. Alana

  6. I laughed after reading that vet sign about the cats. There are some people here who don't wear masks and out numbers are going back up. ;(

  7. Enjoyable series and so nice to see you in your mask. Who would have ever thought they have become a kind of fashion statement and yet cause so much contention? Thankfully most people around hear are wearing them, and I am very grateful. Your last photo gave me a smile and I thank you for that.

  8. Here in my small town in KY, we have a lot of people who won't wear a mask. Sad, I think. We all need to work together at this time. Thanks for linking up and have a great week ahead.


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