September 7, 2020

On a Quiet Labor Day.

Today was Labor Day 2020, a holiday here celebrating the labor movement and the American worker. Traditionally this is a day of the final day of vacation, or backyard cookouts. It was quieter than usual here and no doubt throughout the country as many people were cautious due to the threat of Covid-19. 

We had the additional concern of a noise coming from a wheel on the car, so we stayed home. Frank will call the mechanic tomorrow.


The Good: I found a mural in Waynesboro (Virginia) that won an international competition. Artist Nils Westergard painted this huge portrait of a woman with tulips. It won first place in “Street Art 360’s” 2019 competition.

The mural is 93 feet tall and was painted on the crumbling bricks of an old ice house. It can be seen near Constitution Park.

The Random: This Great Blue Heron was fishing yesterday in our community lake. Watch him catch a fish!

I'd Rather Be Birdin'

The Fun: Walking a dog with a child looks like fun to me.


  1. Linda - it was an unusual Labor Day for us as well. Howling winds, small hail and rain this morning, leading to a three-hour power outage. So, no BBQ on the deck this year! We are under a freeze warning tonight and I might lose a lot of my plants - too many to cover! Love the mural. Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday!

  2. It didn't much feel like Labor Day to me this year. It was HOT of course, but it was quiet. No one visited, none of my neighbors was cooking competing meals that wafted my way, and no one was shooting fireworks. It was a very different time this year.

    I loved the mural. It was beautiful. I was really surprised how large and unusual it was. I'm glad you found it, too. I'm surprised they have competitions like that in your part of the country.

    Blue herons are beautiful, but I've only seen them in photos, never here. All we get here are Canadian geese.

    Walking a dog can be fun, but walking a cat can be a challenge (grin). Hope you had a lovely Labor Day, Linda.

  3. Hope the car was fixed. Hope your quieter than usual Labor Day was ok!
    Our crazy poodle has been the saviour in Australia, they are in their second lock down but luckily my kids have the dog to walk.
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  4. Great photos! Love the Great Blue Heron fishing!
    Have a blessed day!

  5. Oops! Forgot to say: great mural, too!

  6. Hello, we had a quiet labor Day at home too.
    I hope all is well with your car. I love the mural, very pretty. Great shots of the Heron!
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  7. Very quiet, and a bit cooler here in western NC. Love the mural! Street art can be beautiful.

  8. Fabulous mural Linda. I had never heard of mural competitions.
    Great photos of the heron with his catch. Thanks for participating in Monday murals.

  9. The mural is gorgeous! What a lot of talent to paint something so beautiful and that big. Hope you get your car fixed. We hiked close to home but that was nice.

  10. Terrific blue heron images ...seriously, nearly poetic! And that mural?...93 feet tall? wow!

    Thanks for taking time from your day to link in & share with us at IRBB this week!

  11. hey, u should have told me when u were in town ... that is my childhood stomping grounds. that is one of my favorite murals. so gorgeous. ( :

  12. O mural é bem alto e ficou lindo.
    Boa semana bj

  13. Hope your car is fixed and running well now.

    The Great Blue Heron is nice to see.

    All the best Jan


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