August 13, 2020

Signs and a Quote. Work to Stay Healthy.

1. There's a bird on this sign. Perhaps he is watching to make sure you clean up after your dog.

2. There must be a story behind this license plate. 

3. "Social Distance Like Your Cat Does."

I felt that sign called for a cat picture and this one jumped out of my archives. 

4. This quote spoke to me because there are so many people saying they don't believe Covid-19 is as bad as doctors claim it is. I think they are afraid to accept the threat. 

Personally I'd rather feel the fear and develop a plan to deal with it. I'm not happy about limiting social interaction, and wearing a mask is a little uncomfortable, but if that's what it takes, I can handle it.    



  1. Hello,
    Cute kitty and a great collection of signs. I think the people not believing the real truth about Covid, could end up seriously ill. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. ...those dog cleanup signs and bag dispensers are popping up all over.
    ...everything has a story. want their space.
    ...send the last one to Trump!!!

  3. Love the calico cat. I wish more dog-owners would clean up after pets...many front yards are abused by the dogs, and the owners just walk on by. At least in parks the bags are available. I know my son's family carries a bag along when they walk their dog.

  4. Some nice signs there, Linda. I totally agree with you about the covid deniers. And Tom is right, send the last one to Trump.

  5. The cat is a sweetheart. Of course I'm biased in that respect.

  6. Cats are the masters of social distancing.


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