August 30, 2020

Post Office and Iglesia, Winchester

 This is the post office on North Pleasant Valley Road in Winchester. It is convenient to Route 7.

As I left the post office I noticed this brick church on Virginia Avenue: Iglesia Pentacostal Unida Hispana. The Census Bureau estimates that the population of Winchester is 18.3% Hispanic or Latino.


  1. Very nice church. I wonder what our percentage of hispanics is in our town. I only know of one church (Seventh Day Adventists, I think) which has a Spanish sign out front.

  2. your post u did recommend me to see ... i think we have been through that area of West VA. it sure looks familiar it when folks keep their historical places look way awesome. i love the dump truck saying ... so funny. have a great week. rainy here Monday!! ( :

  3. Gostei da igreja de portas vermelhas! bj

  4. You have to check out the Post Office when the magnolias around it are blooming.

  5. Nice images! I am always checking out these buildings. I particularly love the small ones you get in the countryside.


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