August 29, 2020

Can You See the Cow at Sunset?

For the first shot I set my flash to go off so you can see the cow, but it is still almost hiding behind the fence. 

The next shot just shows three ducks. 

I didn't get many bird pictures this week. The few birds that I did see were either in motion or were partially hidden, like this blue jay.

Butterflies are not hard to find in late summer. Just walk around a patch of wild flowers on a sunny day when it's not too windy. Move slowly so you don't scare them.

This grasshopper posed for me on our deck.

The two pretty dogs were behind the counter in a shop where we went to have our passport photos taken. Our passports will expire before long so we sent them off to be renewed, even though we aren't traveling any time soon. I understand that there is a long wait for passports now due to delays caused by office closures during the early months of the pandemic.

Speaking of dogs, I scanned in a photo of the first dog I ever had. This is Spotsy, and he didn't wear clothes very often but I guess one of my daughters had dressed him up for some reason.

As for the last photo, I was just glad to find a bird who would pose nicely!


  1. Fun and beautiful photos. I did spot the cow, although it was well-disguised. :-)

  2. Beautiful sky and cow photo. I like your birds, the ducks and blue jays. Pretty butterfly captures. The Goldens are beautiful dogs. Spotsy and the Lost River Eagle are cute. Thank you for linking up your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week ahead! PS, thank you for the comment and visit.

  3. darn, the link is broken at I'd Rather B Birdin' & right now, I can't log in to InLinkz to fix it, sorry. Enjoyed your post today. Yes, I see the cow & enjoyed the ducks. Maybe you could go back & add your post link a 2nd time?

    1. It worked this time! I'm glad you retried. thanks again, for participating.

  4. ...yep and a lot more citters.

  5. Hello. Lovely post. Thank you.

  6. Good day to you...I loved the sky with a black cow, and the 2 dogs, as well as birds and especially the one with a bib!

  7. Lovely sunset! I would have missed the cow if you had not mentioned it!
    I am seeing plenty of swallowtail butterflies, but very few birds. Soon the only bird photos I get may be like your last one!
    Have a blessed day!

  8. hehehe, yes finding birds that pose nicely, not so easy to do!!

    pretty images, you are right about the butterflies, you need quiet and no breeze...and a pretty butterfly and you are all set. gorgeous captures!!!

  9. Lindas imagens de pássaros, amo. O céu da primeira foto está divino! bjss


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