July 1, 2020

Wild Bird Wednesday, A New Month

Here it is July 1st yet I'm showing  a woodpecker photo from May. Why? I didn't get any pictures in June of birds on the suet feeder. I had really eased up on feeding wild birds because it was spring and the birds can fend for themselves. 

Red-bellied Woodpecker on suet feeder.
Also, bird feeders tend to attract animals including bears and raccoons. I think it was a raccoon that attacked the suet feeder. I found the grid on the deck yesterday along with a little solar light that was hanging nearby. Fortunately the light is no great loss because the cloth lantern had already been torn by the wind, plus I have another one in better shape. 

On Saturday I posted pictures of a bird house and finch feeder that a critter had torn down, and this morning Frank found little hand prints on a trash can that were the right size for a raccoon. Perhaps I'll move the trail camera closer to the house to try to catch the little villain!

Speaking of the trail cam, here are three recent pictures that it took. In this first one, there are two birds flying. Do you see the one in the upper right corner?

I like pictures of birds flying. Here we see some geese and I think that's a red-winged blackbird in the final photo. There's a flock of them that frequents that area.


  1. I agree summer is harder to take photos. I feed small amounts but not nearly as much as we do in winter. Stay safe, cheers Diane

  2. Hello, I love seeing the bird in flight. Great captures. Have a great day!

  3. ...my bird feeder has become a squirrel feeder.

  4. i tend to feed year round, i like seeing the birds up close! nice flight images!

  5. Great photo of the woodpecker!
    We have raccoons here, too. We started taking down our bird feeders at night and placing them in a metal garbage can until morning. Unbelievable as it sounds, the raccoon learned where the feeders were and how to get the lid off the can!
    Now we set the feeders inside our storage shed at night, and hang them back up each morning.

  6. I like the one of the geese best.

  7. Quite a perch for the woodpecker.


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