June 29, 2020

Parking Lot Paintings

Strasburg High School

In May, I saw that a section of the high school parking lot had painted spaces. I think these were done by graduating seniors to celebrate the completion of their high school years.

Their final year was interrupted in March by the Coronavirus lockdown and they completed their studies at home.

I'm sure that not having a senior prom was a big disappointment for some students. Others probably didn't care. (I know I wouldn't have, nor would my daughters. None of us bothered to go to the prom. Even now I dislike dressing up!)

I put some of the artwork into collages to show it off. I'm glad I photographed it because recently it was painted over or repaved.
Mosaic Monday and Monday Murals.
The school is home to a nice mural on the back of the bleachers, which I shared here before but am showing again. The team is "The Rams." 


  1. I like the rams mural as well as all those paintings in the parking lot. Thanks for participating Linda

  2. ...from the looks of things in this here, have a sign shop should be a great business. There are so many signs and banners congregating graduating seniors!

  3. Interesting paintings on the parking lot! Beautiful mural and statue!
    Have a great day!

  4. I have a friend who is a professional chalk artist. He flies all over creating them.

  5. The parking lot paintings are so beautiful, and I'm sorry they aren't available for the next class in the fall to see. Nice looking school!

  6. Hello,

    The parking lot paintings are great, I like pooh bear. The mural is pretty. Take care, Enjoy your day!

  7. So many seniors, high school and college, cheated out of the last few months of activities. I love that they drew/chalked the parking lot and so glad you photographed them before they were washed away with rain or covered over in some way. Thanks for sharing.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  8. From experience young people usually enjoy dressing up for a prom or any sort of party to celebrate graduating to a higher level of education. I'm glad you photographed the artwork in the parking lot before it's no more. Street art is interesting and the mural is well done.

  9. The rams mural is quite distinctive.

  10. Linda - what a great idea to let the seniors show their creativity; I would have hoped they let them stay until the following year, to be painted over by other seniors! I went to my prom with a good friend - so I guess I could have given it a miss if necessary. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  11. I like the rams mural …

    All the best Jan

  12. Painting the parking spots is a neat way to celebrate and let the seniors be creative.


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