August 7, 2017

Veggies and Ruminants

The Good: Fresh produce is available in summer, especially in the farmers markets.

Sharing with Seasons
The Random: The symbol for Strasburg High School is a ram. Even the road leading into the school complex is named Ram Drive. Here we see a mural of rams. It's on the back of the bleachers.
Monday Murals
There is also a nice sculpture of a ram in front of the school.

The Fun: I had a delightful surprise when I looked out the kitchen window this afternoon. A deer was in our yard! 

This is the first one I've actually spotted in our yard, although I have seen them in our neighborhood and once found tracks in our yard. When we lived in Bryce Resort we saw them all the time.


  1. We saw deer all the time when we lived out at the Lake here in Oregon ... for some strange reason they don't hang out in the middle of the city where we live now ))) I do miss them and having bird feeders .... life is full of compromises! We do have a twice a week Framer's market that we can walk to and the stuff is incredible this time of year!!

  2. Always neat to have a deer sighting. I see them sometimes on the golf. :)

  3. I always find it special to spot a deer, but to see one in your own yard is fabulous!

  4. ...such a nice summer collection.

  5. Hello, the veggies do look good. The farmers markets are great right now. Love the mural, sculpture and the pretty deer. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  6. Deer are such gentle creatures and always charm me

  7. Farmer's Markets are the best for fresh produce. Neat shots of the deer. I bet it was fun to see it in your yard.

  8. This photo series highlights the best of summer.

  9. I wonder why they chose the name Rams. My high school chose the name Falcons while I was there, which was a complete mystery since I don't think a falcon had been in town in that century. But, at least it was better than Oniontowners, the old name.

  10. This is a beuatiful deer! They make me smile, because they are curious or scared! Many thanks for linking this to All Seasons!
    Looked also some at your posts of Middelburg - in Holland there is a town by the same name, very close to where I lived, so I went there to school in 5th and 6th grade.

  11. That farmers market produce looks lovely.
    That is a beautiful looking deer.

    Nice photo selection.

    All the best Jan

  12. The long horned sheep strike a noble pose. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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