August 6, 2017

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Strasburg

This church sits on on Washington Street, part way up the hill that was once the site of Banks's Fort.

Across the street there is a sign telling the history of the immediate area. Historic Strasburg Stop #5 tells that there used to be a railroad depot above the church cemetery. Some passengers transferred from there to "horse-drawn coaches for the trip to the Capon Spring Hotel in West Virginia."

The sign also provides some church history.
"Strasburg's first church, the Lutheran Church, was a log structure built across the street in the late 1760's. For many years it was the town's only chapel, so other congregations held services here. In the early years, local laymen, such as Simon Harr, often ministered to the Lutheran congregation. County records show he performed 368 marriages between 1781 and 1796. He was also the schoolmaster for the school in Strasburg. For about 25 years, beginning in the early 1800's, the church employed two ministers at a time: one gave the sermon in German and the other in English.
 The log church was replaced by a brick structure in 1844 and dedicated at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. During the Civil War the church was ruined. The pulpit, pews, pipe organ, doors and windows were destroyed. By 1864 all that remained was the shell. After the war, the church filed a claim with the Federal government for compensation. The Lutheran Synod donated $200 and reconstruction of the sanctuary began in 1867. The church was extensively rebuilt in 1892 and the bell tower was completed in 1893. Additions were made in the 1920's and the west wing was added in 1954. The latest renovations were made in 1986 when the narthex was enlarged and the altar was moved from the north side of the building of the south side."


  1. love the idea of "need a bible" very unique. ( :
    have a great week.

  2. Hello, pretty church and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  3. Funny idea for the Bible. :)

  4. That church looks wonderful set against the brilliant blue sky ...

    All the best Jan

  5. Steeples fascinate me, especially because they look like witches and wizards hats. Dunces too.

  6. I always feel in awe watching at the pictures of the stunning old buildings you share, darling Linda, I heartily thank you !

    Wishing you a most lovely new week to come,
    with sincere thankfulness

    XOXO Dany

  7. Nice idea, especially now that you don't get free bibles in hotel rooms...

  8. looks like churches used to look like back in my childhood -- steeples and all!

  9. Pretty church and the sky is a perfect shade of blue.

  10. It is a nice looking church that would fit well into some of the New England towns near me. Though we would have to call in Episcopal or Congregational. Not many Lutherans in Connecticut.


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