March 23, 2020

Trees and Bears Random-osity

The Good: This tree mural is on a shed that probably serves the nearby railroad. I spotted this along Route 33 east of Harrisonburg.
The Random: Here's a collage of blooming trees. I plunked two pictures into PhotoCollage and selected this triangle format. The way they lined up was a surprise.

Speaking of trees, there are trees on this Social Distancing poster from the National Park Service. We are reminded to "Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, Stay home when sick, Avoid close contact with those that are sick," and so on. The last tip says "Still don't use slower friends as bear bait!"

Which brings us to...

The Fun: Someone on Facebook posted an idea to take a bear hunt with kids. Not one involving a real animal, but this is a hunt for teddy bears or pictures of bears. Neighbors can help by placing a teddy bear in their window. I was reminded of that game when I saw this fine fellow in Dollar General yesterday. We had stopped there to pick up a few items in order to avoid going to a more crowded store.

Bonus Collage: Here are four scenes from Shenandoah National Park. So far it has remained open, although contact with staff has been minimized. That meant no fee collection at this park, and once the word got out, crowds flocked to the park this weekend. I was not there but I saw photos of overflowing parking lots. People are tired of staying home, and did not have many places to go since indoor recreation places are closed in order to slow the spread of the virus.


  1. Hello, I love the tree mural. Great mosaic with Shenandoah Images. I hope the visitors are taking good care of the park, when the shutdown happened they all left their trash around. Take care! Have a happy day!

  2. The electrical box mural is very pretty Linda.
    The tree collage is amazing.
    Thanks for participating

  3. That’s really a cool collage,I will look at that app. (Now that I have lots of time lol)...that’s crazy about the NP... but can’t blame people for going stir crazy, especially for families. We are pretty OK with isolation ... but hoping we don’t have a problem getting back to Oregon.

  4. I love the tree collage and the mural is pretty.

  5. Aqui também estamos cansados de ficar isolados, vale a pena escapar para um lugar lindo assim,

  6. Too bad about the crowding at Shenandoah -- It's a difficult time for the National Park System. At Sleeping Bear vandals stole the purell and toilet paper so they shut down the restrooms. Sad.

    Keep well! ... best... mae at

  7. The mural goes well with the blooming trees.


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