March 22, 2020

Many Places are Closed.

Strasburg's Town Hall is closed to the public until further notice. On that sign, the final "1" has fallen over.

Churches: Many places of worship are not holding their regular services, but are sharing them on the internet instead.

This is St. Peter Lutheran Church in Toms Brook. The sign says events are cancelled until April 1.

This brick church was built in 1905.

Back in Strasburg, the brewery is open, at least for now.

And the ice cream stand is open! Even though today was not very warm, people were stopping for cold treats. 


  1. Hello, everyone here is closed, some restaurants open for carry-out only. Love the church windows. Take care and be well. Wishing you a happy new week!

  2. The restaurants around here do delivery or carry out only. We are a tourist destination, so most of downtown is closed up, as well as non-essential offices and businesses. So sad. Hope you stay safe.

  3. Here (Lisbon) most establishments are also closed. We are at home and we only leave the house in specific cases, such as going to the supermarket, the pharmacy or those who cannot work from home go to work. It's important to try to contain the spread of this virus and for that, social isolation is very important.
    Stay well and safe

  4. ...closed in the new normal.

  5. Much is closed here. No school for me. Lessons through Zoom and Google classroom. Churches here are lives streaming services and some did a drive up/sit in your car and listen to the pastor on the steps of the church.

  6. Far as I know the churches here are open for people to visit if they have need of some spiritual time but no services for people to gather at. I have just stopped visiting them because it does not seem right at the moment

  7. Some churches here have closed up.

  8. more and more places are closing seem so odd or unsure. try to stay positive but it is tough. take care. ( ;

  9. I think this post could come from many parts of the world today.

    Crazy days.

    Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne


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