March 27, 2020

Early Spring Images

1. This forsythia grows at the edge of a shopping center in Strasburg. I'm going to complain briefly about shopping and then switch to pleasant things.

As part of "social distancing," we are trying to minimize our time spent in stores. I tried to use the Walmart app today with the idea of having our order brought to the car. I began with Frank's shopping list. The first three items were not available! At that point I gave up and decided to just drive to Food Lion and shop in person. We both wore disposable gloves to help us remember to not touch our faces, and we used the store's disinfectant wipes to clean the shopping cart handles. I don't know how much this helps but when lives are at risk, every little bit is worth the trouble.

Frank found all the cereal on his list, and I found some items that I wanted, but not all. The paper goods shelves are still bare, and there was no ground beef.

2. I played with this image of a pine branch using Photoshop. Here's a black and white version followed by an almost unrecognizable color version. Layers and filters can be fun! 

3.Weekend Reflection: A shrub, now dead, was surrounded by the lake as the bank eroded. I chose to show the branches only as a reflection. 

4. Floral Friday, Friday Bliss: Yellow daffodils, bright and cheerful.

5. Skywatch: Trees against the sky at dusk, March 7th.

Have a pleasant weekend!


  1. Your reflection photo is fabulous - like an ink drawing! Blooming forsythia & daffodils are the suns in our lives <3 Sunny weekend, take care Linda.

  2. Great arty images and beautiful photos of the trees against the sky. Daffodils are sunny flowers. I shall miss them when they're over, but next come the tulips in our garden :)

  3. ...Linda, I love your reflection, it's my favorite. During these crazy days enjoy playing around with your pictures. Hang in there!

  4. Great reflection. Like it.

  5. I like your black and white - and the edit! We need a bit od fun these days.

  6. Beautiful reflection shot. I've had similar experiences shopping for groceries. Seems like the online shopping options are overwhelmed and unavailable, which is too bad, because this is when we really need to have those options available! Stay safe.

  7. That is one cool reflection!


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