January 31, 2020

Roads, Rocks and Laundry

End of January Willy Nilly.
1. We had one snow at the beginning of January and the rest of the month felt like March. That's fine with me!
Fences: Belle Grove Road.
2. Temperatures are colder in the mountains. There's still some ice on the rocks along Skyline Drive.
Black and White Weekend.
3. Skywatch: The sunlight is streaking in from the upper right in this scene near Stephens City.

4. Luray, VA: I pulled over along Main Street to take a picture of the road going down the hill and then back up. This street is the old US 211, which now has a bypass to carry through-traffic around the town.

I considered this photo for the City Daily Photo theme of "Streetscape" but I'm planning to post one closer to home tomorrow.

5. Our old washing machine stopped draining and the repair person said it is not worth fixing. It's a stackable due to lack of space in the laundry area so we went looking for a replacement. Look how tall they are! That won't do at all! I can barely reach the controls and neither of us can read what they say. Why would anyone think this is acceptable design?

We decided to get a "laundry center" instead, which is a one piece washer-dryer. The dryer is still on top but the controls are all at chest-height so I can read them. The big home improvement stores cannot deliver for a week so we went to Beidler's in Woodstock. They can deliver tomorrow.


  1. That is wild how high the stackable units are. Looks to me that they could make them at least 6 inches lower which might make a big difference.

  2. ...hey shorty, it looks like your husband needs to learn how to do the laundry. The end of January sure looks great in Virginia. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love seeing other places through blogs. Thanks for sharing
    I loved your post, I did not know your blog, do you want to follow us? You already tell me. Cheers

  4. a great beautiful nature photo in BW !!
    I have a dryer with a washing machine in a device that is practical and space-saving!

  5. Loved your post! Those pictures are beautiful! Love the streetscape too! Can relate to your plight as I have a broken washing machine that needed fixing but ended up broken as the repair technician was clueless. Glad you finally got one. We did too!
    Happy weekend, btw.


  6. Oh my, laundry devices are certainly not all that user friendly sometimes. I don't have my own laundry room, so truck my stuff to a place which has huge machines, as well as some that are very tall like those you showed. No thanks.

  7. Linda - the third picture with the shadows is my favorite in this group - great composition!

  8. That's a lot of ice!

    I feel for your laundry problems - we've just had to move to a much smaller house and I've had to give up my washing machine and tumble dryer in favour of a washing machine with a built-in condenser dryer. It's taken a bit of time to get used to it.

  9. 1st and 3rd photographs are my favourite :)

    All the best Jan

  10. That's crazy how tall those are. I hope the laundry center will suit your needs.


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