January 23, 2020

Not Your Usual Historical Marker.

Berryville, Virginia.

Across from Grace Episcopal Church we find this plaque and a hitching post.
"Traveler was tethered on this spot June 21, 1863, as General Robert E. Lee paused on his march to Gettysburg. He attended services here in Grace Episcopal Church."
Note that it does not state that this is the same post.  But the specific location was remembered by those who held Lee in such high regard that they honored his parking spot!

The plaque next to the church door says "Grace Episcopal Church 1832." The reason I stopped there today was to look for the controversial marker for Benjamin Berry, founder of Berryville. It is to the right of the church, toward the back. The dates are 1720 (?) – 1810. Note that he died 22 years before the church was built.

Here's a marker a few blocks away that I shared in May 2016. It says that Berry established the town in 1798 and that he and his daughter Sarah Stribling are buried at Grace Episcopal Church.

But this has been questioned. Some surmise that Benjamin Berry's remains were moved to the churchyard long after his death. But I found his daughter Sarah (Sally) Stribling listed on FindAGrave and archivist Mary Thomason-Morris of the county historical association claims that Sarah was buried in Kentucky. (Sarah moved there and that's where she made out her will.) Furthermore, the archivist states that Benjamin was not buried at the church either.

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The white building across from the church is the Parish Hall, built in 1902.
The final image shows the Battletown Inn, once the home of Sarah Stribling. It is closed right now but new owners are planning to bring it back as an inn and restaurant.


  1. I love seeing other places through blogs.
    I loved your post, I did not know your blog, do you want to follow us? You already tell me. Cheers

  2. interesting places love from europe

  3. Very interesting history Linda, thank you. I like the look of Berryville and have just looked up where it is. We have talked about visiting it on one of our trips out that way. There used to be a big old tree that it was rumored General E. Lee rested under for a while. We are only about 20 minutes away from Manassas.

  4. General Lee and Traveller. They were quite a pair.

  5. Good to remember where a horse was tethered while Lee went to church...at least there's not a "he slept here" plaque. We have an early leader supposedly buried in one cemetery, and the DAR wrote a plaque, but there's a sign there saying something different (which I don't remember.)

  6. ...Linda, this a is a wonderful post of historic beauty in your area.The old stone hatching posts are still here, along with newer ones for the Amish. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. It's good that the inn is going to be put back into use.


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