May 22, 2016

Inspired Berryville

There are a number of churches in Berryville, some of them quite historic. This is a newer one and it's on Main Street. It is the Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church.

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Berryville is not named after berries (as I once assumed) but after a man named Benjamin Berry, who lived from around 1720 to 1810.

"Benjamin Berry, son of Henry Berry of King George County, settled in what is now Clarke County prior to the Revolution, and in 1798, he procured the formal establishment of the town of Berryville, the town having been platted by him, and consisting of a portion (twenty acres) of a larger tract of land owned by him and his daughter, Sarah Stribling. He and she are buried in the northeast section of the yard of Grace Episcopal Church."


  1. Nice to have all the history around.Here 1850 is old.

  2. That looks like a pretty and welcoming church.

  3. I like this...and the added bit of history of the town's settlement. [LOL on Tom's comment above]

  4. The church stands out beautifully.


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