November 22, 2019

River Pics, Birthdays, Windows.

1. I've shown low-water bridges before. This one spans the North Fork of the Shenandoah near Muse Vineyards. 
2. Someone commented on Monday's post that she would like to see a regular-size view of the river rather than a small one in a collage. So this is for Barbara!

3. I met Lynn for lunch today to celebrate her birthday, which is tomorrow.

4. Allison's birthday is today so we met celebrated that tonight. The upward lighting  is from her phone. She is Frank's middle daughter.

5. Friday Flowers and Friday Bliss. I like flowers and since there isn't much blooming outside, I sometimes take pictures of cut flowers. These were in Spelunker's, a hamburger and custard place in Front Royal.

6. Skywatch: This week I had our outside windows professionally washed. This is a first for me, but I have to accept that my balance is not what it used to be so I need to avoid standing on ladders.

They are sparkling clean and ready for me to take pictures through when the birds visit our feeders this winter.


  1. ...Linda, lots of family moments at this special time of year. I hope that your Thanksgiving will be special.

  2. Great to see that big beautiful river in full size! And your windows have such a great view, I'm glad you got them sparkling clean. It's great to celebrate family events!

  3. Hello, it is a good idea to use the professional window washers. The second view of the river is beautiful. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

  4. your windows are gorgeous as is your view. We moved about 2 years ago now, amazing how time flies, from near Annapolis MD (and you) to Colorado. It's good to see VA again even in pictures. Hope to keep in touch and see your pretty blog again. Corn is in so much, and hidden. It's not easy to avoid but then I developed a soy intolerance and it's the same. It's in bread, salad dressing, chocolate, even some tea bags. Nice to meet you, LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. Your black and white has gorgeous light and reflections!

  6. That's a gorgeous shot through your window. I like photo #2 of the river. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. You live in such a beautiful area! I love your photos.

    Regarding your comment yes blanche = white if it's referring to a feminine word but in this case savon is masculine and therefore would be blanc. So I would say it's probably Blanche Leigh soap. :-)

  8. Happy Birthday to Lynn and Allison!

  9. What lovely shots! And nice celebrations.

  10. Seems like many people traveling in RVs have dogs. I'm a cat person, but you even see a few of those resting in front vehicle windows. It's nice to see critters when you go out to parks. - Margy


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