November 7, 2019

Autumn Rituals: Glen Burnie

We have found some places that are so special in autumn that we visit them every year. Yesterday I showed pictures of the gingko grove, and today I'm showing the gardens of Glen Burnie in Winchester. 

Glen Burnie is next to the Museum of Shenandoah Valley. the gardens are spectacular in the spring, but we did not go this year because Frank was unable to walk much after surgery to replace an achilles tendon. Now he is pretty much recovered so he was anxious to visit before the gardens close for the winter.

Before I show more of the garden, allow me to share a challenge that I had in getting there. We are using Frank's SUV because our sedan is in the body shop getting a dent repaired and a scratch painted. I have difficulty getting in an out of his car, often resulting in back pain for the rest of the day.

The vehicle has no handles for pulling myself up and the seat is high. We have a folding stool and I've been using that to make it possible to get in without twisting my torso too much. I feel awkward doing this but back pain can spoil the fun of going somewhere.

Okay, now let's stroll through the grounds of Glen Burnie. I've shared photos of this place before so I won't show them all.

I made it a point to photograph some walls and fences for Gosia's Fence linkup.

Note the picture of a sundial. Frank asked what time it said; I said between 2:45 and 3. "Check your phone for the time." It read 2:52.

How do they adjust it for daylight savings time? We guessed that they don't.

Near the entrance to the garden is a Civil War Trails Marker. During the war, both armies passed through here and even occupied the property at times.
"Tides of blue and gray swept across the hills and fields of Glen Burnie during all three major battles for Winchester in 1862, 1863, and 1864. Combat damage and occupation caused the farm’s agricultural productivity and value to decline as livestock, farm buildings, fences and timber were taken or destroyed. After the war, family members went west to begin new lives, homes, and fortunes, and eventually left Glen Burnie as a legacy to the Winchester community."


  1. It's nice to read the blog of someone who loves walking and nature! Greetings from Poznan.

  2. Beautiful place, lpve your photos, have a lovely weekend ☺

  3. ...I'd slow down for children of course, geese I'm not sure about. Does the sundial account for daylight saving time? Thanks Linda for stopping by, enjoy!

  4. What a lovely place, and it makes me sad to think of all those soldiers who were there, and then fought against each other...many not returning to their families. But nature does heal the places upon which the battles were fought.

  5. Hi Linda, I tried to leave a comment earlier but sometimes my iPAD will let me but more often than not it won't, so I had to wait until I got back on my laptop to send you this message. Yes I recognize this place but haven’t gone into the garden yet, just to the museum. I will look forward to Spring. We almost bought an SUV but as we would only be using one vehicle in our retirement and after experiencing what you have I am glad we chose another sedan, though I do love the look of the SUV's and the extra room is so useful. I enjoy Winchester very much and thank you for including a bit of history.

  6. Great place to visit love From Poland

  7. Looks like a neat place to visit. Sorry to hear about your back problems.


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