October 17, 2019

Some Signs I Saw on Monday.

I noticed the recycling bins as I entered a natural foods store. I was surprised to see one for shoes.

And this sign in John's Family Restaurant made me smile.
"We don't have Wi-fi.
Pretend it's 1995
and talk to each other."


  1. ...the folks at the food store sure take recycling seriously. I like John's outlook on life! Thanks Linda for sharing these gems, enjoy your week.

  2. i've seen a similar sign before ... i understand it and agree with it but usually when we are camping we are looking for wifi ... 'cause we have people we need to chat with or be in touch with and we need wifi. u know? i know a lot of folks are always on their cell phones, but i tend to give it up on the road, because of no cell service or whatever, i enjoy it. i miss those days of no internet. just chilling and living life. ( ;

  3. The more recycling we can do, the better. The shoes box does seem like an odd addition.


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