October 26, 2019

October Birds, A Sheep, and A Deer.

Let's start with some geese in our neighborhood.

Just downhill from the pond is a small farm. Here a vulture appears to be visiting a sheep. There were actually a number of vultures and a flock of chickens. Do vultures eat chicken feed? I don't know.

Here's another vulture. He was on a fence was in Clarke County.

Not far from there, I drove around Wilkins Loop in the State Arboretum. A small deer was browsing in the shade. I waited for him to step into the sunlight to get a clearer picture.

The last three pictures are from a boat landing in Front Royal. I saw a flash of blue across the river and zoomed in as much as I could. I was still not able to see him clearly but after cropping the picture, I concluded that he's a kingfisher.

I find that it's hard to get a clear zoomed-in image over a river or lake because there is usually mist in the atmosphere.

That was on a nice afternoon and a fisherman was upstream in a kayak.

This was on the South Fork of the Shenandoah.


  1. Hello, love the deer. Great sighting of the Kingfisher. Cute shot of the sheep with the vulture. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you happy new week. PS, thanks for leaving me a comment.

  2. That kingfisher is my favorite! And that vulture with wings open is a well-timed image!

    Thanks for stopping by I'd Rather B Birdin and sharing your post. Your visit is appreciated!

  3. ...yesterday I saw about 500 geese in a harvested field of soybeans. They were cleaning up!

  4. Nice shots. I like the geese and deer best.

  5. She - the Belted Kingfisher is a female. Great sighting!
    Love the deer. Nice reflections in the last photo.
    Have a blessed day!

  6. That's a different looking vulture for me. Loved that he was right next to the sheep!

  7. your nature is great love from Europe

  8. Great shots! My favorite is the sheep and the vulture, they are best friends. :)

  9. You wonder what the sheep and vulture think of each other.

  10. I guess the vulture will eat anything with protein in it. Maybe the chicken feed is reinforced with fish meal. I find it very hard to get close enough to a kingfisher for a decent shot.

  11. I hope the sheep and vulture get along well.

  12. So pretty! I hope the sheep moved around so the vulture knew it was alive. They mostly eat dead things, but in Florida, they will eat rubber.... some parks have signs up saying to watch your tires.

  13. A very nice selection of photographs.

    All the best Jan


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