September 2, 2019

Lunch with Lynn and River Randoms.

The Good: I got a new (to me) phone! It's a refurbished iPhone just like Lynn's so she offered to help me with it. We met for lunch and she finished setting it up. She knows tricks for keeping it cleaner, faster, and more secure.

I'm glad to have a reliable cell phone. My old Xperia was regularly overheating and had a couple of problems that I didn't know how to solve. My laptop and tablet are Apple products but this is the first time I spent cash to get one of their phones. (I am generally thrifty.)

The Random: This is a mural in the Visitors Center in downtown Front Royal. The artist is said to be Patricia Windrow. (She also painted other murals, including an outdoor one of zoo animals.)
Monday Murals.
The Fun: It's Labor Day and the season for fun on the river is ending. Here are some pictures of people enjoying the Shenandoah River.
Mosaic Monday.
Bonus shot: The Shenandoah looking very peaceful at Front Royal.


  1. Linda - it is so helpful to have someone who can help with new technology. Anytime I get stuck I call on my kids! Lovely collage, but bittersweet - summer coming to an end! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  2. So nice to have a friend to help out with technology. Luckily my husband was the one that set up my phone and transferred all the stuff from my old phone.
    Lovely mural and great views of the river and the people enjoying the last days of Summer.
    Thanks for participating Linda.

  3. Apple laptop gave me trouble this past weekend.

  4. Pretty views of the river, and very nice mural!
    Hurrah for Lynn - the younger ones understand all that stuff! I am hopeless at it.

  5. There is an interesting phenomenon of us older folks needing to learn from youngsters about technology...but I wonder who teaches them... Now I'm singing Shenandoah in my head. Beautiful river.

  6. I hope you will enjoy your new (to you) iPhone as much as we enjoy ours. They take some pretty good photos as well.

  7. The mural is absolutely beautiful. Glad your friend could help set-up your phone, I'm sure that could be aggravating. Nice views of the river, it's so pretty.

  8. Always nice to get a new phone but it takes a while to figure it out. That's why it's always nice to have someone who can help us get over that initial learning curve. I like that mural. I've been quite taken with the ones saw on my trip. I'll have to check out the ones in Front Royal one of these days. The Shenandoah is always a beautiful sight.

  9. The Shenandoah does look very peaceful at Front Royal, great photograph.

    All the best Jan

  10. I just got an apple phone for the first time a few months ago. I still have aa lot to learn about it.


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