September 20, 2019

From Dark Thoughts to Bright Colors.

1. Sometimes I want to yell "Stop polluting, you idiots! You are ruining the earth!" But the greedy ones won't listen. They are blinded by their need for more, perhaps due to some insecurity about themselves that drives them to just keep amassing more riches. Pathetic old buzzards!
Black and White Weekend.
2. I am glad that young people are speaking up for the environment. Today millions of people, inspired by students, marched to make a statement against man-made climate change.

We live in a beautiful world, but much of nature is fragile. All living things are threatened by the greed and willful ignorance of people.

3. We just had a very hot summer. Other places endured horrible storms. Now we are dealing with drought in this part of Virginia. The rivers and ponds are lower than usual. What next? No one knows.

Weekend Reflections.
4. Well, I promised some bright colors. Here's a field at Blandy late in the afternoon.

5.  The nearby mountains have had rain and flowers are still blooming there.
Friday Bliss and Floral Friday.
6.  This afternoon I saw a hot air balloon over Berryville. Up up and away!


  1. Your black & white photo 'Stop polluting' is very effective. Climate change is a hot topic in Finland too. Thank you for linking, wishing you a relaxed weekend.

  2. ...Linda, something are are quite obvious if you open your eyes and your mind, something that many have a difficult time with. Thanks for this timely post.

  3. relaxing time... great water reflection

  4. Beautiful, and you and all those young people are so right...we (humans) have sure made a mess of our planet, our home, and we (humans) must do something to survive!

  5. Greed and ignorance pretty much sum up a lot of people in power these days.

  6. Super series of Willy Nilly shots Linda, hopefully it's not to late to save our wonderful world. The younger generation are definitely leading the way ✨

  7. Pollution is everywhere, and too few people seem to care. Dramatic black and white.

  8. Your purple asters caught my eye as they are just like ours here in southern Ontario...beautiful blooms for fall. Thanks for showing.


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