September 21, 2019

Dry September Scenes

Our community lake is lower than normal. The geese and ducks are managing though. 

Sharing with Saturday Critters and I'd Rather Be Birdin'.
Our garden flowers have stopped blooming. Birds have been fairly scarce in our yard. Once in a while a hummingbird comes to his feeder, but I rarely get a decent picture because they move quickly. I was happy that this one stayed around this morning long enough for me to focus and snap a few photos.

There's a train that goes by now and then, usually at night. I can hear it coming because the engineer blows the whistle at road crossings. (I love that sound!) Occasionally it passes during the daytime and I can see that it is only pulling a couple of freight cars. It goes to a factory in Strasburg and then comes back through.

There are actually a few ducks in the train photo. Can you see one swimming near the flag pole?

Look who visited the bird bath! He seemed thirsty.

The last photo shows a buckeye, a butterfly that has a pattern that looks like big eyes on its wings.


  1. Wow I just loved this post. I really liked the butterfly at the ending there, so big. Your hummingbird pic is really good...they are so hard to get a photo of. cheers, Nora

  2. You are able to see too many animals. We are only seeing dogs and cats in city centers. :(

  3. How I wish to see a hummingbird in reality, so cute!☺

  4. Love the hummer photo by the welcome sign.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and joining us at I'd Rather B Birdin this's always appreciated.

  5. Hello, great captures of the Hummingbird. I love the shot of the ducks and geese. The Buckeye is beautiful.
    Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your Sunday, have a great new week ahead! PS, thanks for your visit and comment.

  6. I love seeing...and hearing trains! They really make you feel nostalgic! The hummer sure is sweet too!

  7. Glad you told me to look for the ducks...I also love train whistles. They seem to connect one place to another, stitched along the rails and cross ties.

  8. Lovely photos of the birds and squirrel. We are very dry here in KY. Hot, too.

  9. Wonderful photos - train whistles are such a romantic sound....unless they are up close! :) The Buckeye is amazing. Hope you get some rain soon. Rainy here - wish I could send some.

  10. Nicely done. I love the butterfly and hummingbird shots.

  11. love to see hummingbirds. And the Buckeye is gorgeous :)


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