September 13, 2019

Color, Light, and Black and White.

1. Yesterday I posted some photos from the gardens at Blandy, and I have a few more colorful flowers from there that I don't want to leave unseen. 

Floral Friday.

2. Also at Blandy there's an old brick building with an arched passageway. I'm showing this in black and white because the shapes and tones are interesting to my eye.

3. The river photo shows the Shenandoah at Riverton Park, on the south side of Front Royal.

Sharing with Skywatch Friday

4. A little farther south, a roller rink still survives. Like the color? (I do.)

5. Speaking of purple, anyone know what this is?

Have a little fun this weekend!


  1. So pretty! Love that purple door.

  2. Generally these are very nice photos,
    but I especially like the view through the gate.
    A great photo in B / W
    My contribution

  3. What an amazing serie of pictures

  4. ...Linda. it's nice to see a bit of summer hanging on with your flowers. Mac's Roller Rink sure is s throwback. Your purple orb, I haven't a clue. Have a lot of fun this weekend.

  5. Faszinierend anzusehen wie sich die Wolken im Wasser spiegeln.

  6. Hello,

    Pretty flowers and images. ENjoy your day, happy weekend!

  7. Something compelling about arches.

  8. Beautiful...I think the orb is something to do with electricity.

  9. The last one must be about electricity.

  10. Here is the plasma lamp. It's clever, but the description from the seller is exaggerated.

  11. I love the plasma balls - they're fun!
    Your black and white is beautiful, with so much to see.

  12. Very nice. I like the black and white shot.


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